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Diamonds are the perfect investment thanks to a constantly growing demand, their guaranteed safety and favorable tax treatment.

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Diamonds can provide a high potential return on investment as demand is always greater than supply.



Diamonds offer security thanks to steady price increases over time without wild price fluctuations.



Tax-free storage when you keep your diamonds in one of our conveniently located facilities.


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Our Diamonds

An investment in limitless profitability at the highest security standards; with the added bonus of a tax free purchase.



Diamonds offer some of today's best investment opportunities. Due to their beauty and scarcity, the demand for quality diamonds continues to surge year after year. For the last 50 years, this has helped diamond prices grow by an average annual rate of 14 percent as global supplies keep plummeting. Diamond mine discoveries are rare, existing inventories are dwindling, and the industry struggles to meet consumer demands. All of these things work together to make diamonds a highly profitable investment vehicle.



Diamonds are universally accepted as a standard of beauty and now they can also represent a solid investment opportunity. Since ancient times, royalty and members of high society have turned to these gemstones to enhance their appearance and social status with eye-catching radiance and awe inspiring clarity. New diamond mines have become uncommon and supply has not been able to keep up with the increased desires of a growing world population. Due to this, current values are not only historically stable, but remain likely to increase year after year. For example, in 1970 a 1.0 carat stone could fetch $6700, while today that same gem could be worth $25,000.



At Diamondxo, we are always ready to help you with guidance and information about general tax laws relating to the purchase and sale of diamonds. Here is an FAQ which provide a summary of the most common implications for investors. 1. Are diamonds subject to value added tax? As with most precious metals and jewelry, diamonds may be subject to value added tax, depending on the jurisdiction. If this is relevant in your area, we are obliged to include value added tax in the prices we invoice for your investment. However, this will only be necessary once you ask us to deliver your diamonds to an address located somewhere outside of the duty-free zones where we store your purchase for you in our high security vaults.

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Your investment security is our primary concern: unique certified diamonds in vaults located in tax-free purchase zones. It really doesn't get safer than that.


  • At Diamondxo, we make sure trading investment diamonds is easy and safe. You don’t need to waste valuable time and energy searching for a storage facility or insurance, as they will be held safely in one of our va ults located in tax-free zones around the world. We maintain the highest levels of security and vigilance, including state-of-the-art surveillance systems which are monitored 24/7 by certified security guards. In addition, our vaults are protected against natural disasters and hazards such as flood and fire. Your stones are kept in pristine condition, encased in sealed packages, each one carrying personalized identification. This identification comes in the form of an internationally recognized certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of your property and confirming the following information:
    • The type of cut
    • Measurements
    • Weight (in carats)
    • The quality of the cut
    • Degree of purity, color and fluorescence
    • Polish and symmetry
    • Date of issue of the certificate
  • Diamondxo stands by your right to withdraw your investment from our vaults if you wish to store them at some other facility at your own expense. You also are able to transfer ownership of your diamonds easily to other individuals. We promise to always handle your wishes in the safest, fastest method possible. Trading diamonds has never been better. Protect your investment without the worries of private storage and insurance. Our company commits to providing the highest level of security to all of our clients.

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